Kamis, 12 April 2012


It's Clean and bold, yet faddish in its minimalist form. You have to admire Helvetica's longevity, no matter how many new typeface arrive on the scene. Helvetica must be standing strong. There is a reason.

 Two tone assymetric crop top
Available in navy-cream, navy-grey, and pink-cream

 Rainbow stripes assymetrical top with pom-pom details
Available only in rainbow stripes.

 Batwing colar top with leather collar details
Available in marine and grey

Mid length crop top
Available in blue sky-blue, and green splash-blue.
Mid-length crop top
Available in cream splash-grey, grey-cream splash
 Collar sleeveless top
Available in : grey mesh(front) - misty(back) , black&white pattern(front) - black(back), and
blue pattern(front) - blue(back).

 Long misty - knit crop top
Available only in misty.

 top : square pocket top 
available in orange-knit (pocket), cream-cream splash(pocket), and blue-green splash(pocket).
bottom : knit short

 top : square crop top with collar leather details
available in pink and yellow.
bottom : knit short 
Available only in knit.

 green splash assymetrical sleeveles
Available only in green splash pattern. 

 Two-side crop top.
Available in brown pattern(front) - pink(back), cream pattern(front) - black, 
and blue pattern(front) - light bule (back).
 Back crop top sleeveless
Available in aztec pattern(back) - black(front), aztec pattern(back) - blue(front), 
cream splash(back) - black(front), and cream splash(back) - blue(front)

Half-batwing top
Available in white - geometric pattern and blue abstract pattern

 Sheer knot shirt with collar tips leather details
available in black - brown (collar tips) and cream - black(collar tips).
 Longer back sweater with elbow brown patch suede details
Available in broken white, grey, and black.

Top : wing crop top with suede lining
Available in  navy - blue suede lining and navy - brown suede lining.
Bottom : blue short.

FAIRYTALE PLAYGROUND an collaboration with Mannequin Plastic

Back in old days this our collaboration with Mannequin Plastic in early 2011.